PureChimp (@purechimp)
PureChimp was founded in 2013. We know a thing or two about Matcha Green Tea & Natural Skin Care - 100% natural goodness.<br><br>Our 4 main morals:<br><br>I am sure you have your own morals and like you we need some morals to live by.<br><br>have fun<br><br>We try to be fun and live by the famous saying you have probably heard a few times…….. ”you only live once.”<br><br>be helpful<br><br>We will always create products that help you and give you all the help you need from our expert knowledge. Have a question? Go on contact the chimp now!<br><br>be natural<br><br>When we say natural we mean natural. We will only create 100% natural products. Are your other products really natural?<br><br>be honest<br><br>We will always be honest with you. The nice honest of course.