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1). Introduction <br/>

  The charcoal carving is a handicraft article both visual enjoyable and environmental-friendly. Regarding as one of the Hunan handicrafts with local characteristics examined and approved by the Changsha municipal government, the charcoal carving is unperishing both in its physical quality and its internal culture. Harmonizing modern technologies and traditional industrial arts, it is fully deserved its reputation as the best choice of gift that Human presents to the whole world.

        The raw material of the charcoal carving is a special kind of anthrasorb, which is a product of a mix of the spodium with good quality, the fruit shell charcoal and a certain mineral substance, under tens of working procedures. 

    On the basis of keeping the activation property of the anthrasorb, we have designed elaborately with every detail of the article, coloring the handicrafts with precious mineral substances such as gold, silver, pearls and etc. to give them a vintage yet natural look. Therefore, products we offered are on the one hand, outcomes of high technologies, on the other hand, possessed with elegant appearances and profound significance in history – a perfect combination of the modern technology and the traditional craftsmanship. Besides, our products can not only function as decorations, but also can be used in cleaning air and eliminating the pollutants - bringing benefits to people’s well-beings. All these make the charcoal carving an art handicraft provided with both appreciation and utility.


2). Functions: Harmful air absorption.

1. To maintain people’s wellbeing, this product functions to do a continuous adsorption of the harmful gases in the air (NO, NO2, methane, benzene and its homologues, NH, Rn, SO2, etc.), making an effective purification of the air and elimination of the pollutants.

2. A separation of the electromagnetic radiation from household electric appliances, including TV, PC, mobile phones and etc.

3. A valid prevention of the breeding of the mycete and the microbe, such as acarid.

3). The service life.

    The appreciative and collective value of the handicraft is unlimited unless the product is sabotaged on purpose, while its function of adsorption only lasts for 5-6 years. The larger the volume of the charcoal carving is, and the lower of the concentration of the harmful gases in the air is, the longer the service life will be.   

    4). Notices. 

1. The adsorption time begins with the unpacking of the product’s inner package.

2. The product is better to be sealed up when the indoor space is well ventilated for long.

3. The charcoal craving should be hanged on the same height of where the mouth and nose of human beings are.

4. The surface dusts of the product can be removed by soft brushes, but avoid using any liquid during the cleaning.

5. The charcoal craving is better to be sealed up by plastic bags when the relative humidity indoor rises to 95%.

6. Drying the product in the wind or sunlight if it gets wet.

7. Avoid to put the charcoal craving on polluted places of large particles of pollutants of high density, such as construction sites, industrial plants, and etc..


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