Agorist Hosting
We offer hosting of your OpenBazaar server to keep your store online 24/7 so that your customers can always reach you, and you can always reach your server. <br><br> Our monitoring service will alert you via email when you have new notifications at your OpenBazaar store, such as New Orders, Payments, Disputes, even New Followers if selected. <br><br> Your notification options can be adjusted from a control panel in your account where you can also see the status of your OpenBazaar server instance and Stop/Start/Restart it. <br><br> We also keep the OpenBazaar server software up to date so that you're always running the latest most compatible server application. <div>


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Key features:

Connect to your OpenBazaar store from anywhere. <br><br> Enable multiple people to manage the same store. <br><br> Email alerts of sales and other OB notifications. <br><br> Hosting control panel: Check server status, Stop / Restart instance, Notification information and settings. <br><br> Uptime monitoring and auto restart. <br><br> Open Bazaar software updates. <br><br> Personal email support and light phone support for your shop. <br><br> It is cheaper and faster to sign up for this service from our website: </div>


<div><br> Learn more about our other hosting and design services on our website.

Web Design and Development

The web world has become smaller- 51% of web viewing is done on mobile devices. Can you engage your audience successfully on a 3 x 5 card? Whether modernizing your existing site or creating a new one, our team of seasoned web and marketing pros can help you brand and build for today and the future.

Social Media Architecture

Run your social media instead of it running you. Our set of tools helps you connect to your audience in a more sophisticated manner. Robots, Vanity url's, and other utilities help you reach more people with better engagement. Automate repetitive tasks with techniques designed to stand out without looking scripted.

Special Projects

Need a hack or custom code? Have something in mind that isn’t hosting? Maybe you need some super graphics or promotional items to extend your brand's reach at a special event? From re-coding vending machines to use bitcoin to creating the world's first coin operated voting machine, unconventional is our specialty.

Important footnotes about OB Hosting services<br> Username and Passwords for the OB host<br> Your OB username and password are stored in plain-text on the OB server.<br> This is a property of the OpenBazaar software in its current form.<br> Please do not use an password for your OpenBazaar server which is also used elsewhere.<br> Anonymity<br> This is not an anonymous or anonymizing service.<br> The IP address of your OB server is publicly visible and will be easily traced back to Agorist Hosting and ultimately to you.<br> Our servers are hosted in a private third-party datacenter, they could be seized or infiltrated by state agents without our knowledge. <br> Therefore, we ask that you only sell or transact for goods and services which are legal in whatever jurisdiction may be applied to you and us.<br><br> Agorist Hosting is not affiliated with OB1 or members of the OpenBazaar core team.</div>